Meet Roxanne Boren

  • By Amy Rose

Allow me to introduce my friend and co-worker Roxanne Boren. Have you ever met someone and known instantly that you wanted to spend more time with that person? That is how I felt when first meeting Roxanne! The desire to know her better grows each time I see her. While, captivated by her creative abilities, I am most drawn to her nurturing disposition and ready smile. And, I am admittedly envious of her ability to transform simple ingredients into exquisite bites of food that make your mouth water and have you wishing that you would never reach the end of the dish!

Inspiration for and talent of any particular kind is often gifted to us by the ones who love us the most. In a recent conversation I asked Roxanne, “Who or what inspired your interest in cooking?” Her response came as no surprise to me. At the age of eight Roxanne was in the kitchen with her grandmother learning the art of bread baking. I readily identify with her story as I am certain will, many of you. Grandmothers spending time with granddaughters patiently teaching little hands how to properly measure, pour and stir. It is no wonder we associate food with feelings of love and an old family recipe can fill us with paroxysms of joy!

Yet, another aspect of being a wonderful cook is the ability to understand the nuances of flavor. A pinch too much salt or the wrong combination of herbs and the very best of ingredients can be rendered inedible. Enter Roxanne’s in depth skill and ability to marry flavors in foods that leave you wanting more. For nearly thirty years Roxanne has been tending her own herb garden, growing and drying herbs for use in her cooking.

Again, nurture versus nature comes to mind as I enjoyed hearing the story of her paternal great grandmother. As a young woman she immigrated to America from Europe and shortly thereafter, became a widow. With a young family to support she created an “Herbal Wagon” setting about the countryside selling her herbs.  Without doubt her great granddaughter inherited her gardening skills and in depth knowledge of herbs.

For many years this creative, nurturing woman lent her time and talent as a nurse, to educating heart failure patients in an effort to help them live the very best lives possible. Her knowledge of foods and her compassion for others were put to use creating sensible, tasteful eating plans for her patients. Recently retired Roxanne is embarking on yet, another adventure.

Now, Roxanne is prepared to share with you, her talent and creativity with foods. Just like her favorite Chef Julia Child, Roxanne brings “joy” to art of cooking and has designed a series of cooking classes that are certain to please. These classes are meant to be fun, delicious and non-intimidating. Superior knife skills and an encyclopedic knowledge of foods are not prerequisites for enjoying these classes. A desire to have fun and enjoy a delicious luncheon with friends is all that is required!




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