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A-Z of Lavender

Posted on December 02, 2014 by Fragrant Isle | 7 comments

The scent of lavender is luscious, however it is more than a mere fragrance! Lavender Essential Oil has long been associated with relaxation and stress reduction. What we may not realize is just how many other uses and benefits this beautiful, fragrant essential oil has to offer. So, in the season of "lists" we have composed a list of some of the wonderful things lavender may do for you! 

A is for Aromatherapy:  Lavender is the most versatile of essential oils with many benefits. Aching Muscles:  Soak away sore muscles with Lavender Bath Salts. Sea Salts assist in detoxification of the body. Use lavender heatwraps or neck pillows on achy muscles. A drop or two in a tub of Epsom Salts....nirvana!

B is for Bee Stings: Apply a drop or two directly on the sting to relieve pain and itching. Burns: add a few drops of lavender oil directly on the burn, for immediate relief and quicker healing. And of course, Babies! A drop or two in the bedtime bath will soothe little ones.

C is for Circulation: Rub feet and hands with a Lavender Balm or Cream. Spa mittens and booties scented with lavender provide gentle warmth and soothe what aches you! 

D is for Dermatitis:  Apply Lavender Essential oil or Lavender Massage Oil to soothe dermatitis. Healing Balm works wonders on irritated skin.

E is for Eczema:  Apply lavender oil directly for itch relief and to smooth dry, scaly skin. Feeling emotionally overwhelmed? A drop of Lavender Essential Oil on your temples, will induce calm. Use regularly in a diffuser and bring calm to your entire home.

F is for Facial:  Exfoliate dead, dry skin cells. Gently rub Lavender Salt Scrub on your face and neck. Leave on for ten minutes before rinsing with warm water. Follow with Lavender Elixir and replenish, moisturize and smooth skin.

G is for Good Feelings: Lavender lifts your mood and makes you feel good. Light a Lavender scented candle. Place a Lavender Diffuser in your home or workplace. Take a stroll through our fields....you cannot help but feel good surrounded by 10,000 lavender plants!

H is for Headache: Apply lavender oil to the temples to relieve nagging headaches. A neck/shoulder massage with lavender essential oil will help a lot!

I is for Insects: Rub Lavender Essential Oil on a bite or sting for relief.  Lavender repels insects and our Lavender Insect Repellent is safe for the entire family to use!

J is for Joint Pain: Lavender bath salts relieve sore joints. Feel the pain and daily tensions slip away!

K is for Keep the Peace: Lavender aides relaxation, tension relief, and reduces your stress level. Surely the peace will have a positive effect in your life!

M is for Massage: Rub Lavender Massage Oil into achy muscles for a relaxing luxurious massage. Excellent pain relief.

N is for Nervous Exhaustion:  Lavender relaxes nervous exhaustion and anxiety.

O is for Oil: Improve your life with Lavender Essential Oil.  Use lavender diffusers in your home.  Enjoy the refreshing smell of Lavender during your day. Our lavender oil is distilled for a full 90 minutes. It is pure, unadulterated and processed right on our farm.

P is for Pain Relief:  Arthritis and tense muscles can be relieved with a warm bath followed by a relaxing massage with Lavender Massage Oil. Take the sting out of sunburn with pure essential oil.

Q is for Quiet: Quiet your thoughts and anxiety with a lavender candle or diffuser or merely a whiff of pure Lavender Essential Oil.

R is for Rashes: Use Lavender Essential Oil to relieve the itching, reduce the inflammation and begin the healing process for a nasty rash. Lavender Healing Balm is a fantastic fix for most skin irritations.

S is for Sleep: Spritz some Lavender Linen Spray on your pillow it promotes sleep naturally. Sachets: Add to your drawers, shoes, closet for a fresh scent and to repel moths.

T is for Tension: Release shoulder tension with a lavender heated neck pillow. 

U is for Understanding the many uses of Lavender Essential Oil to improve your life.

V is for Vacuum: Make the house smell better by sprinkling Lavender Oil in the bag.

W is for Wrinkles:  Moisturize your skin daily! Facial products enhanced with Lavender Essential Oil improves skin's cellular communication and helps fight free radical damage! 

X is for Lavender’s Xcellent healing, relaxing, and uplifting powers. 

Y is for You.  You deserve the many benefits of lavender in your life.

Z is for ZZZ. That's what you will be doing like a baby!

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  • Nancene

    Love lavender, I will try to make it there next spring!

  • Kyle

    Lori – Watch our website and follow the blog posts. We may be able to help with that little garden of yours! Our plans for spring are still under “wraps”! However, as soon as they are finalized we’ll be posting announcements!

  • Kyle

    It is nice to hear that people are enjoying our blog posts. They are sure fun to write and it is with pleasure that we share what we know about lavender with our readers. Also, kudos to our photographer for his amazing work!

  • Helene Meyer

    I loved this! Great job! Good verbiage, great photos! Well done.

  • mimi horowitz

    love this a-z information! so cute!!

  • mimi horowitz

    love this a-z information! so cute!!

  • Lori

    Heavenly! I would love to grow a little garden myself!


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