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Fragrant Isle Jewels - Laura Findlay Hagen

Posted on December 09, 2014 by Fragrant Isle | 2 comments

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm is pleased to feature the work of local artist Laura Findlay Hagen. It has been a lot of fun getting to know this multifaceted woman with the infectious smile. If you had the opportunity to visit the farm this past season you may have met Laura. More often than not, she could be found behind the counter in the café, serving up delicious coffees and convincing folks to sample one of the many, featured desserts. However, there is a lot more to this gal than brewing the perfect cup and so we proudly introduce Laura Findlay Hagen.

Laura’s roots to Washington Island run deep. In 1950 Laura’s grandparents built a cottage in Washington Harbor.  Childhood visits to the island and a loving relationship with her grandmother prompted Laura’s move to Washington Island in 1980 where she met her husband Jeff Hagen. He was born on Washington Island and comes from many generations of ownership of Sunset Resort, which was established by his great grandparents in 1902.

A high school course in jewelry making fueled Laura’s interest in the creative arts. Thus, Laura’s chosen major while studying at the University of Kansas was jewelry and metalsmithing. After moving to Washington Island Laura worked at her jewelry making, selling at various venues. She was also a member of the Julian Hagen and the Home Band. Life, love and family soon became her priorities and Laura set aside her jewelry making. She subsequently spent the next twenty years raising her three children Leif, Sophia and Finn and being active in her community. In 2012 the creative urge flared and Laura was able to incorporate her art back into her busy schedule.


Laura was recently tasked with creating an exclusive, signature piece of jewelry for Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm. We think she hit the mark and did a wonderful job incorporating our lavender logo in both sterling silver and bronze pendants. The attention to detail in her work and the use of gemstones to enhance the metal work is superior. Here’s hoping when you visit Fragrant Isle Lavender next season you will have the opportunity to meet Laura and see her beautiful jewelry!
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  • Kyle

    Thank you for the feedback! We enjoy hearing from our friends and customers. Your comments are helpful and it is good to hear that we are on the right track!

  • Phyllis

    Your website is absoultely beautiful and tastefully done.
    It’s easy to shop and easy checkout, and I think the jewelery is complimentary,a tasteful addtion to the shop and using local artisans makes it even better! Good choice.


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