Taking Inventory

  • By Courtney Cauldwell
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Each New Year as we move forward, ready to embrace all that lies ahead, we take a moment or two to reflect on the year we leave behind. This past year was one we will never forget at Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm.

In late 2013 we acquired additional land and began construction of our beloved red barn. During construction we were also busy developing new products, while designing packaging and displays. In early 2014 with a little help from our friends, we began planting thousands of lavender plants.  It was an amazing six months of non-stop work. Somehow, in the midst of all that work, we managed to launch Le Petit Bistro! Whew!

The summer flew by so quickly. Long days were spent outdoors weeding, watering and tending to the plants while planning (fingers crossed) for an abundant harvest. Thankfully, that harvest was plentiful and we are so grateful to all the volunteers who assisted in the process. The working barn was resplendent with color and fragrance as the lavender bundles dried. After drying and cleaning our beautiful lavender buds they made their way into the products we proudly offer to our customers.

Meanwhile, indoors we greeted visitors, happy to answer questions and assist in the selection of lavender products. We packaged hundreds of lavender gifts each week. We dipped ice cream, baked croissants, and poured frosty, lavender lemonade on the hot days. When the cold weather arrived we served delicious hot coffee and teas. We served so many bowls of soup, we lost count. Chocolates flew out the door. At the end of the day we were pretty tired, but we sure had fun wearing ourselves out!

Now, we look to the year ahead. We just finished our physical inventory and while tedious, the net results are enlightening. It’s fun to analyze the reports and see exactly what our customers enjoyed the most. Much was learned over the course of this past year and it is gratifying to find we did a lot of things right. We will continue in our efforts to produce what we believe are the very finest lavender products on the market, while offering some exciting new things that are certain to please.

The public’s response to Fragrant Isle Lavender exceeded our expectations. There is great satisfaction in knowing that if you work hard and produce something of good value your labor will be rewarded. We thank each and every one of our visitors this past year. We especially thank the many business owners, organizations and residents of Washington Island who support us! We promise never to divulge how many ice cream cones were consumed by our local folk!

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