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Love and Lavender

Posted on February 11, 2015 by Fragrant Isle | 1 comment

Lavender has for centuries been associated with this crazy thing we call, love. The prolific use of lavender to entice romance has been well documented throughout the ages.

Lavender lore suggests that Cleopatra beguiled both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony with the seductive scent of lavender. Unfortunately, it is also written that the asp that killed her may have been lurking under one of her lavender bushes. 

While used by both the Egyptians and Greeks lavender served mostly to fragrance. The Ancient Romans recognized lavender for its medicinal properties and lavender oil was used for all manner of ailments. The Romans scented everything with the sweet smell of lavender. Roman woman hung lavender next to their beds to incite the passions.

Lavender was not much in use during the middle ages by the general populace, but surged in use, in Tudor England. On St. Luke’s Day a Tudor maiden would sip a brew made from lavender while chanting, “St. Luke, St. Luke, be kind to me. In my dreams let me, my true love see.” It was during this time that lavender was introduced into cosmetics by Henrietta Marie, the wife of King Charles I. Thus began the use of lavender in potpourris and perfumed soaps. Fragrant soaps for washing and bathing surely contributed to matters of sexual attraction.

Lavender remained a popular herb during the Renaissance Period, but surged in its popularity during the Victorian Era. Queen Victoria’s ardor for lavender made it very fashionable among women. Again, this delightful herb served many purposes.  Lavender was a medicinal cure-all and fresh lavender was used to clean and fragrance just about everything. A young woman might place fresh lavender under the pillow of her beloved in order to turn his thoughts to romance. Some women tucked small sachets of lavender into their bodice hoping it would attract the opposite sex. That being successful, after marriage lavender was placed under sheeting and mattresses to promote marital passion.

In Ireland a bride would include lavender in her wedding bouquet believing it would bring happiness and harken good luck to her marriage. The Irish also placed lavender under the sheeting of the marital bed to insure harmony and deter argument in the marriage. Thankfully, today we have the convenience of Linen Spray. However, a personal favorite is a small dish of Aromatic Lavender Buds on the bedside table.

Skip to the 21st. Century and that beautiful purple bloom with its intoxicating, fragrant scent continues to captivate us. We grow it, eat it, drink it, wear it, and spray it. We use it to soothe and to heal. We clean, deodorize and decorate with lavender. This magical herb transcends time.

As Valentine’s Day approaches we encourage you to try something lavender. In matters of the heart, a bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way toward creating a lasting romance. Surprise him with something delicious made with Culinary Lavender or Herbs de Provence. We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! And gentlemen ALL women enjoy a bit of indulgent pampering. Treat your love to a luscious Hand and Body Lotion or an Indulgence Face Cream.

Lastly, love can and should be expressed when least expected. Romance should not be reserved just for holidays and anniversaries. Be spontaneous, be thoughtful, and be kind. We welcome you to visit us at Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm this next season.  A shared glass of wine after a walk in the lavender fields is the perfect beginning or ending to a weekend getaway together.

P.S. To date we have not discovered a single asp lurking in our lavender plants. Fear not!

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  • Sandra Necco

    Beautifully written and so full of information that I did not know. You would be a real asset to the Lavender Farms of Sequim WA, the Lavender Capitol of the US. However , for those of you so far away, the Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm is a perfect get away to enjoy this beautiful plant.


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