A Not So Gray Day, After All

  • By Courtney Cauldwell

After a summer full of hustle and bustle at Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm and days so busy they flew by; fall arrived on Washington Island. Door County Wisconsin was without doubt one of the most vibrantly hued places on earth this past autumn. The trees were resplendent with color and visitors to Washington island could not fail to notice the beautiful reflection of light as it danced across the water.

Mother Nature’s brilliant last gasp was of course followed by crisp winds, gray skies and drizzle. The days began to wind down and the lavender shop saw fewer visitors on weekdays, which for those of us who operate at warp speed proved to be a bit of a challenge. One day in particular comes to mind.

The day was cold, it was gray and it was drizzling. It was a do not leave the house without a sweater day. It was a find ways to stay busy sort of day. Despite how much one truly loved being at the lavender farm, one of us was secretly wishing to have stayed at home stirring up a pot of soup. Better yet, she was secretly wishing to be at home in front of a fire, sipping lavender earl gray tea and daydreaming her way through a new novel! It was that kind of day.

However, in the blink of an eye, a dreary day was spun on its axis. A big, white car pulled into the lavender farm’s parking lot. This was not just any ordinary car, mind you. This one had long, dark, curly eyelashes! A few minutes later, two rays of sunshine walked through the doors of Fragrant Isle Lavender Shop. In the moments that followed a lasting, happy memory was made.

That was the day we met Miss Hassie and her traveling companion Jeri. These two remarkable ladies had driven all the way from Oklahoma to visit Door County. The weather did not dampen their determination to tour Washington Island or to visit Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm. It was such fun talking to these ladies and answering their questions about the farm. It was a pleasure, to assist them as they sampled products and selected those they wanted to purchase. Their sense of adventure and the spirit to carry on, despite less than perfect conditions, was inspirational!

We made a new friend that day and intend to follow her adventures. You can visit Travels with Miss Hassie and link to her blog. Miss Hassie also regularly writes reviews and posts photographs for Trip Advisor. We hope Miss Hassie’s travels will bring her and Jeri back to Fragrant Isle Lavender one of these days. A warm, blue sky, summer day while the lavender plants are in full bloom is just the sort of day we would love to share with them!

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