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Spring is in the Air at Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm

Posted on May 17, 2015 by Fragrant Isle | 0 comments

After a long winters slumber Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm is delighted to welcome spring. Washington Island is waking up and although, day to day, the weather can still be a bit brisk; signs of spring are everywhere!

Washington Island is greening up and so too are the lavender plants at Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm. It is gratifying to look across the lavender fields and see the first haze of green. Early indications are that Fragrant Isle will have an abundance of beautiful, blooming, aromatic and culinary lavender plants for visitors to enjoy this summer. As the very first and largest farm of its kind on Washington Island, Fragrant Isle has set the standard for excellence in lavender farming. The adherence to proven farming practices heralded by industry experts has resulted in a thriving, vibrant, successful lavender farm.


As the lavender farm springs to life thousands of daffodils and trillium, Wisconsin’s State Flower, are in full bloom. Trees are budding and each new day the island awakens yet more colorful. A jaunt around Washington Island is sure to please. Those, with a fondness for spring are guaranteed to see Mother Nature all dressed up in her very best finery.

Wildlife buffs should take a walk along the shore and enjoy all the water fowl in their natural habitats. The Blue Herons and Egrets wading at the water’s edge are fascinating to observe. The Eagles soaring above the waters surrounding Washington Island are spectacular to watch, as they hunt their food. It will not be long before there are baby swans to observe. A word of caution; mama swans are fiercely protective, so do not venture near her cygnets. The wild turkeys have been tromping through the meadows and so too, the deer. The fox are making their presence known as well. Bring the binoculars, a camera and warm jacket. Washington Island is the perfect place to visit while enjoying a few relaxed hours exploring nature.

Be sure to stop by Fragrant Island Lavender Farm for a visit. Take a break and enjoy one of Le Petit Bistro’s delicious coffees or teas. Savor an afternoon glass of wine. Indulge in a freshly baked chocolate croissant bread pudding or flourless chocolate cake. There is nothing better after a brisk walk than a delicious bite.

Discover what sets Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm and its products apart from others. With a few exceptions, only lavender products made in America are available for purchase at Fragrant Isle Lavender Shop. Visitors will find a small sampling of exquisite lavender products sourced from France and Italy. However, Fragrant Isle Lavender is committed to bringing its customers products made with its very own lavender. These products are created for Fragrant Isle by a select group of American, artisanal companies. Each product is pure and free from harmful chemicals or synthetic lavender fragrance. Attention to detail and a high standard of quality is our trademark. Fragrant Isle’s commitment to excellence permits us to offer some of the most sophisticated products available in America today.

Come for a visit soon!


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