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Posted on July 14, 2015 by Fragrant Isle | 1 comment

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm has distinguished itself as one of the premier lavender farms in the Midwest. Folks need only visit the farm to witness for themselves, just how much has been accomplished in the past two years here on Washington Island. Fragrant Isle does not pretend to be the only game in town, nor does the farm attempt to mislead or misdirect visitors in any way. The beauty of Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm speaks for itself. Visitors to Fragrant Isle are invited to experience the wonder of thousands of live, thriving lavender plants approaching full bloom.

At Fragrant Isle lavender, farming is a serious endeavor. Great care is taken to nurture the lavender plants ensuring a bountiful harvest. Hard work and a high standard of excellence, enables Fragrant Isle to produce some of the very finest lavender products on the market today. The criteria used when selecting the small, artisanal companies chosen as our manufacturing partners were commitment to quality, purity, and value.

Fragrant Isle does not discount its products because the clientele who purchase them understand the value they receive with each selection they make. We are not in business to produce cheap product. Fragrant Isle would never outsource artificial ingredients from overseas. What you get from us is pure, unadulterated lavender grown right here on the farm. Fragrant Isle is interested only in offering the finest, most luxurious lavender products at a price that nearly all will recognize as an honest value.

Nor, does Fragrant Isle attempt to lure customers to the lavender farm by pretending to be something we are not. When people visit our website or our Facebook page they can be assured that we only post photographs of the lavender grown right here on Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm. We never Photoshop the pictures we post, for that would be misleading. The manner in which we represent ourselves is important to us. Earning our customers respect and repeat business is something Fragrant Isle takes very seriously. Fragrant Isle is committed to exceeding visitor’s expectations. As the peak season for blooming approaches visitors can expect to see lush fields, alive with row upon row of purple blooms.

One of the missions for Fragrant Isle at the outset was to support the community with job creation. This season there are fourteen people on staff at the farm. More than half are full time residents and the rest of the staff have strong familial ties to Washington Island. It is rewarding to be part of something that supports a thriving community. As Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm grows so too, does the opportunity for other local businesses, to prosper from the influx of visitors drawn to the island by the farm. Fragrant Isle recognizes that the beauty of the island, its long history as a summer destination and the many years of hard work by others have created an atmosphere where a farm like Fragrant Isle Lavender can flourish.

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm is the only farming operation on Washington Island to offer guests a place to sit, relax, enjoy lunch and savor a glass of wine. Le Petit Bistro has both indoor and outdoor dining. The Bistro serves fresh, locally sourced food whenever possible. The Bistro menu changes regularly, reflecting an interest in serving quality food. The café counter serves up a daily array of chocolates, pastries, hot and cold beverages and of course the ever popular ice cream.

The Lavender Festival is set to launch in ten days. Come for a farm tour July 24th. 25th. or 26th. 2015 and see the farm in all its’ splendor. Festival specifics can be viewed on Fragrant Isle’s website www.fragrantisle.com . Click on the Festival tab; complete information pertaining to the Lavender Festival may be found there.

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  • C. Bernstein

    I have seen the farm and the beauty of the lavender fields is stunning. What a shining gem on an already jewel of an island. What a pleasure to be greeted by charming and passionate employees, more gracious hosts would be difficult to find.


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