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Getting to the heart of the matter

Posted on August 10, 2016 by Fragrant Isle | 1 comment

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm and Shop

     Getting to the heart of the matter

As moderator for Fragrant Isle’s social media and the watch keeper to forums like Yelp and TripAdvisor I often encounter misinformation about who we are and what we do. For the most part, Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm receives very high marks for our efforts at the farm, our level of service to guests and most especially to the products we sell in our store.

On occasion we get feedback that leaves us scratching our heads and wondering where in the world some folks get their information. Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm gives serious consideration to the critique we receive. Good, bad or indifferent we try to address them all. Getting to the heart of the matter, I’d like to answer a few of my favorite misconceptions!

“I thought there would be more to do there.”

 We are a working farm, open to the public. Farming lavender is a serious endeavor for us and we love having visitors to the farm. We are involved in promoting agritourism, not amusements. You won’t find carousels, petting zoos or cotton candy. We keep it simple and stick to our founding principles. Fragrant Isle exists to grow lavender, harvest lavender buds and distill lavender flowers for pure lavender essential oil. We offer products for sale in our beautiful shop and delicious food is made available from our café and Bistro.

Our goal for visitors to the farm is that they leave better informed about the farming operation and with a better understanding of lavender and its many uses in everyday life. We hope that visitors will enjoy the breathtaking view our plants create when fully blossomed.  It is our desire that each and every person takes a few minutes to wander the fields, sit on a bench to relax and to truly understand what it means to be “north of the tension line.” There is no better place to relax than on beautiful Washington Island.

“Underwhelmed, thought the farm would be bigger.”

This one made me chuckle! I had to wonder if they actually made it to Fragrant Isle. Our farm is home to 14,000 thriving lavender plants, making it one of the largest lavender farms in the Midwest. While the farm boasts 21 acres, we currently have five acres fully planted. To those who tend, weed, water, and harvest….that is a lot of plants! It is important to note as one looks across the landscape that this farm is only four years old. Each section of the farm is home to plants in various stages of growth. It takes a while to have fully matured plants. We think our three and four year old plants looked spectacular this year.

“The products smell wonderful, but are very pricey.”

We are made in America folks! Nearly, everything we do on this farm is done by hand. We do not take short cuts in our farming practices and we pay our employees a living wage. When our product is manufactured it is made “only” with our 100% pure essential lavender oil. No synthetic fragrance goes into anything we produce. Only the finest ingredients make it to our shelves. When people critique our product pricing, I often wonder to whom, are they comparing, us? There are a lot of products on the market that use synthetic or diluted fragrance. There are a lot of manufacturers who employ sneaky packaging practices and unfortunately, people do not take the time to read labels and actually compare value for the dollar. But, that is okay because we do it for you. All of our pricing has been carefully deliberated. We know exactly what other companies offer. We have visited other lavender farms and remain secure in the knowledge that we produce some of the very finest lavender products available in the United States. We have no interest in making inferior products.


“They don’t make the products; I saw them somewhere else.”

We grow, harvest and process lavender. A very small number of artisanal product makers, make product for us, to our specifications, using our lavender essential oil. If someone has seen our product in another store, it is because that store is a wholesale customer of ours. While we do have a few French and Italian products in our store it is because the product is wonderful. Fragrant Isle has a hundred plus products that carry our name and are made with our oil. We are proud of each and every product on our shelves. If they were not exceptional, we would not sell them!

At Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm we constantly strive to do better, to be better. We enjoy hearing from you and take the feedback to heart. Thus far, summer 2016 has been spectacular. Visitors are arriving in record numbers and we are working very hard to insure that each one has a great experience. We thank you all for your support!





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  • Carol

    We visited your farm last summer. As a certified aromatherapist, I was impressed as was my adult daughter. She took a bouquet of dried lavender back to college with her!!! We won’t make it this year, but 2017 we want to come back!!!


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