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Astrology - Secrets of the Signs and Planets

Author: Victor Olliver



There is no better boat than a horoscope to help [someone] cross over the sea of life. ASTROLOGY. That single word sparks passionate exchanges, between its fans and devotees, who derive comfort and guidance from it, and those who loudly decry it as 'mumbo jumbo' (but who, oddly, can't resist reading what their stars hold for them).

Few are aware that astrology evolved when knowledge of the heavens was part of everyday life; this knowledge directed nomadic tribes and led them to rivers and wells. As humanity settled and learned to grow their food, studying the link between the Sun's yearly cycle and the seasons was again vital to life. But early humans found even more to fascinate them in the skies, and their observations of the Sun, the Moon, and, of course, the stars led to the cultivation of deities - the constellations that became the zodiac signs.