Lavender Fields of America

$ 29.95
LAVENDER FARMS OF AMERICA - A New Crop of American Farmer, is a stunning pictoral look at the modern, yet ancient, phenomenon of lavender, and the enterprising American farmers who have taken up its call. One no longer has to travel to Provence to experience the majesty of lavender fields in full bloom. Three hundred American farmers have planted fields of lavender from Hawaii to the East Coast. Each distinctive lavender farm is influenced by the farmers who plant them and the land in which they grow. One might think that lavender fields are quite similar, but the settings, types of plants, and characteristics of the farms vary as much as Americans do. Each farm is a thumbprint, germinating from each farmer's background, personal style, and point-of view. Yet, the farmers have all gravitated to the beneficial lavender plant, dedicating their lives to its cultivation, and to the production of lavender products. Their lavender products have practical uses: relaxation, pain relief, insect repellant, air freshener, antiseptic, and more. From harsh winters to draught to rocky soil, these farmers face challenges with the land. They struggle, sometimes fail, and then persevere in planting the right lavender cultivars and perfecting methods of planting and maintenance. Hundreds of photographs of American lavender fields.
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