More or Less
In the wake of a new year one can almost hear a collective sigh of relief as the old year is officially over.
A fresh beginning has most folks declaring good intentions with promises to do better in all aspects of
life. Whatever the intention it always seems to involve doing more of one thing and less of another.
A promise to exercise more is usually coupled with the promise to eat less. The resolve to save more
requires a dedication to spend less. While, there are any number of good intentions worthy of
commitment perhaps, the desire to find more tranquility and less stress in life, is the greatest of these.
Creating a calm environment, getting a good night’s sleep and reducing anxiety are all positive factors
essential to living a more serene life. Enter lavender, long known for its therapeutic properties this
herbaceous plant is a household “must have.” Lavender induces relaxation and acts as a mood stabilizer.
Whether lavender is diffused in the home, applied to body or taken internally it serves to calm.
Lavender diffusers, cleaning products, sachets and room sprays can be used to create a calm, chemical
free (non-toxic) environment.
A good night’s sleep is aided by the use of lavender before bedtime. A few drops of lavender essential
oil in a warm bath or lavender infused bath salts are a good start. Followed by a luxurious lavender body
lotion massaged into damp skin. A cup of lavender infused tea is also very calming. Small changes to a
nightly ritual can result in better sleep.
Life’s busyness creates stress. Even good things we encounter in our daily lives can create stress; which
in turn increases levels of anxiety for some. The inhalation of lavender (aroma therapy) and topical
application of lavender have been studied. Clinical studies have proven that lavender acts as a mood
stabilizer. It induces relaxation and has a calming effect on most people. Lavender oil can be applied
directly to the skin. For stress, anxiety, or headache apply lavender oil at the temples, behind the ears
and to the back of neck. The oil and its therapeutic components are readily absorbed through the skin.
The intentions we declare that require us to do more of something we don’t like, in order to lessen the
effect of habits harmful to us, almost never stick. The benefit of using lavender in our daily lives is that it
requires no restrictions. Lavender in all its applications enhances life. In this instance more is truly
Make certain that any lavender product you use is made with 100% pure, unadulterated lavender oil.
Synthetic fragrance does not work! As always, pure lavender oil and pure lavender products are
available in our store seasonally and on our website year-round. For the full lavender experience visit
Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm located on Washington Island in beautiful Door County, “north of the
tension line.”

Kyle Ransom
Washington Island, Wisconsin. 

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    Bambi Borkowski: February 02, 2024

    I have been using your lavender products for quite a few years now, and have my favorites that I order often.
    Totally agree that Lavender has many qualities, especially easing stress and promoting sleep.

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