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Wholesale Information

Our company seeks to partner with a select few, who share our passion for excellence. The products selected for this program have proven to be the very best from our line and consistently among the top sellers for the past two seasons. The packaging for these products was thoughtfully constructed and is well coordinated.

Our sophisticated packaging allows for the interchange of any of these products, thus making it easy to create meaningful, attractive vignettes in your store. Our pricing is competitive reflecting the belief that it affords our partners an opportunity to maximize gross margin and bottom line. The goal was to create excellent products at a good price and to that end we believe we have met the challenge.

All of Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm’s products are made in the United States from lavender grown in an all-natural environment. Great care is taken in the farming of our lavender to ensure that we consistently produce a superior product.

Orders are shipped from our facility on Washington Island, WI 

Click on the link below to preview the products currently included in this program. Upon receipt of all qualifying information including a current resale certificate, wholesale pricing will be released.

Preview Wholesale Catalog 2017

For more information, contact Martine at martine@fragrantisle.com

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