Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm is the largest single-site lavender grower in the Midwest.  While we own other fields as well, our main farm on the corners of Airport and Townline Roads on Washington Island will become home to approximately 30,000 lavender plants when planting is completed in the next three years.  Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm grows 14 different varieties of lavender; we’re proud of our demonstration gardens that educate visitors about lavender and create a better understanding of the many uses and benefits of this unique herb.

We use the latest in farming technology to cultivate our plants in an all-natural environment.  No chemicals are used – ever.  Plants are harvested both by hand and by machine, but always with the greatest concern for maintaining the strength and stability of the growth stock.  We care deeply for our lavender plants, our farm, our environment and our Island.

From Mid June - Mid August

There is a charge to get into our fields.

Adults - 10+ .....$8

Children - 5-10 ..... $4

Children under 4 ..... Free