March 9, 2023


“A Magical Place”

Photography Policy

 Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm, Shop & Le Café is a privately owned business. We have created a unique and beautiful environment on Washington Island and encourage our visitors and customers to enjoy what we have created by taking their own casual photographs of the plants and grounds. Following is our photography policy.


We welcome and encourage all visitors and customers to take photographs during Fragrant Isle’s regular hours of operation for their personal use.   Visitors and customers may only use their personal cameras or mobile phones.  In taking your photos, please make sure that you respect the health of the lavender plants and gardens, be courteous to other visitors and customers and follow all posted signs. We ask that if you get a great shot, please share it with us for use on our webpage or advertising.

  • Always be very respectful of the lavender plants and gardens.
  • It is not permissible to clip, trim, relocate or modify the lavender plants or gardens.
  • No people or equipment may be placed on top of the lavender plants or gardens.
  • Drone photography is prohibited.
  • No photography may be taken in the Randall Sorensen Production Barn.
  • We ask you to please keep all lavender field pathways open to allow visitors free passage.
  • Fragrant Isle does not have changing rooms.
  • Only personal cameras and mobile phones are allowed for photography. Other photography equipment and props are not allowed and if brought in,  the owners will be asked to leave immediately.