Fragrant Isle’s 2024 Tour Group Motorcoach Package 

February 28, 2024




Visit Fragrant Isle – “A Magical Place” located on beautiful Washington Island. Return to nature and experience the serenity and beauty of our 20,000 lavender plants and gardens. From buds to blooms to harvest and distillation, enjoy lavender’s seasonal journey. Visitors will enjoy strolling through the lavender farm fields and gardens.

Browse Fragrant Isle’s Shop featuring “All Things Lavender,” the Midwest’s largest selection of luxurious lavender products, crafted with care and more than 300 from which to choose. Fragrant Isle limits the number of visitors at a time in The Shop. This allows for a wonderful and leisurely shopping experience.

Enjoy Le Café’s selection of gourmet lavender treats such as fresh croissants, baguettes, Fairy cookies, chocolates, ice cream, our signature sandwiches and salads, famous macarons and more. Sip one of our signature drinks from The Distillery, our wine and craft beer bar, indulge yourself with one of our signature sandwiches and salads or on Wednesdays partake in our delicious Small Plate & Wine nights while overlooking the lavender fields and gardens.

The entrance fee to the lavender fields is $5.00 per person June 15, 2024 – Labor Day September 2, 2024. There is no entrance fee after Labor Day.

Full Bloom and Distillation season varies according to “Mother
Nature’s” weather conditions. If you have questions feel free to call The Shop at 920-847-2950.

Experience the Midwest’s Largest Lavender Farm!


We ask all Tour Groups (travelling on motorcoaches) to make a reservation a minimum of 3 weeks before the proposed visit. Please contact Julie Imig, Marketing Director, at julie@fragrantisle.com. She will then email you Fragrant Isle’s tour group contract. The contract requires the guest guarantee and credit card payment two weeks in advance of the visit. One week prior to the visit, Fragrant Isle requires an update to the guest guarantee. If the number is more than the guarantee, Fragrant Isle requires the additional credit card
payment. Any reductions to the guest guarantee once the contract is signed and the two week payment has been made are not accepted.

  • Welcome on motorcoach
     Escorted 25 minute walking tour of Fragrant Isle’s Lavender fields
  • How Fragrant Isle started on Washington Island
  • Lavender Cultivation, Harvest & Distillation Time for Q & A’s
  • Time to explore & discover Fragrant Isle’s Shop, Le Café and The Distillery. The Shop features the Midwest’s largest selection of luxurious artisan products, made in the USA with our therapeutic grade lavender essential oil.

    - May 15, 2024 – June 14, 2024 the charge for each is visitor is $25.00 plus tax & gratuity
    -June 15, 2024 – Labor Day September 2, 2024 the charge for each visitor is $35.00 plus tax & gratuity.
    -September 3, 2024 – October 30, 3024 the charge for each visitor is $25.00 plus tax & gratuity.

Tour Group Motorcoach Package #1 is offered midweek Monday – Friday.
To book Motorcoach Package #1, we require a minimum of 30 people. If the group is less than 30 people a surcharge of $10.00 per person will apply to the entire group.

Lunch is available To Go Only for $25.00 per person plus tax and gratuity .

- Lunch includes choice of water or lemonade.
- We will confirm the lunch selection items the first week of May.

- Due to the fluctuation of food & ingredient costs, we are not able to confirm the lunch selections now.

-Lunch may be added to your itinerary but must be booked one month prior to your Tour Group visit date. No special dietary requests.
- Please contact Julie Imig at julie@fragrantisle.com


  • Includes access to Fragrant Isle’s Lavender fields and gardens, The Shop, Le Café & The Distillery.
  • Please book at least 3 weeks in advance of your visit date to ensure your requested date is available.

Motorcoach Package #2 is available midweek Monday – Friday.
- Fragrant Isle’s entrance fee June 15, 2024 – Labor Day September 2, 2024 is $5.00 per person which
you can pay at Fragrant Isle’s Entrance Booth.
- Tour Motorcoach groups may visit Fragrant Isle without contacting Julie Imig but if you want to ensure your preferred date is available, we highly recommend contacting Julie.

Fragrant Isle looks forward to Tour Group Motorcoach Visitors!